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Expert Acceleration and Software Development Consulting

Modernizing code for multicore and many-core systems is the biggest challenge facing engineers, scientists, and software development organizations. Driven by increasing algorithm complexity and user expectations, the demand for more performance is further complicated by constantly evolving processor and accelerator architectures. These¬†systems are forcing a change in how software is developed. TMT’s expert services use the latest in automated parallelization technology, SequenceL, to quickly and efficiently implement applications across the available computing resources. Working with TMT can help your next project meet the challenges of innovation, and multicore performance – without sacrificing your schedule or budget.


  • Delivers outstanding multicore performance
  • Get quick results by initially parallelizing only bottleneck portions of application
  • Integration of modernized parallel code into legacy applications
  • Shortens time-to-market for multicore performance
  • Reduced development and testing costs
  • Mitigages the risk of multicore migration
  • Deliverables include software and the SequenceL tool set
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Quickstart Training

Training and knowledge transfer is fundamental to the successful adoption of new tools and development methodologies. TMT’s comprehensive training courses have been created by experts in software development¬†to quickly give your team the tools necessary to get up to speed quickly, and to achieve long-term multicore programming success. TMT’s training solutions include both hands-on tutorials and intensive on-site courses.

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Algorithm Modeling

TMT offers a wide variety of modeling services to develop and deliver accelerated parallel implementations of custom software library components. TMT’s team of expert software developers can generate pre-compiled, reusable blocks of code that can be called by applications and transported across multicore systems. TMT can quickly deliver models to customer specification.

Support Services

TMT’s support infrastructure focuses on solving problems and sharing parallel programming knowledge and best practices with customers. Supported by experienced software developers, Support Services make extensive use of the SequenceL technology and content of rich knowledge bases to quickly respond to customer needs. TMT’s support team has access to a wide range of materials geared to effectively support customer software development projects.