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TMT offers both a free Community Edition and a full Professional Edition of SequenceL. The table below highlights the differences between these two editions. You can also read the SequenceL Community Edition Software License and/or Professional Edition Software License.

For the Professional Edition products, you have the choice of either annual subscription or traditional perpetual+maintenance licenses, in either node-locked (aka User) or network floating (aka Concurrent) licenses. A free 30 day trial is also available.

 Community EditionProfessional Edition
License TypeNon-Commercial UseCommercial Use
SequenceL Auto-Parallelizing Compilercheck-mark-24x24pcheck-mark-24x24p
(GP)GPU Support (OpenCL output)check-mark-24x24p
SequenceL Runtime EnvironmentLimited to 4 CoresUnlimited Cores
SequenceL Debuggercheck-mark-24x24pcheck-mark-24x24p
SequenceL Interpretercheck-mark-24x24pcheck-mark-24x24p
Eclipse IDE Plug-incheck-mark-24x24pcheck-mark-24x24p
x86 Platform Supportcheck-mark-24x24pcheck-mark-24x24p
POWER Platform Supportcheck-mark-24x24pcheck-mark-24x24p
ARM Platform Supportcheck-mark-24x24pcheck-mark-24x24p
License Managercheck-mark-24x24p
Technical SupportCommunity ForumEmail/Phone/Forum

Annual Subscription Using Credit Card

A complete annual subscription license bundle is also available for purchase directly from our website for $2,499 using your PayPal account or credit card. This includes:

  • SequenceL Eclipse IDE plug-in
  • SequenceL Interpreter
  • SequenceL Debugger
  • SequenceL Auto-Parallelizing Compiler
  • SequenceL Compiler Add-on Option, OpenCL output for GPU acceleration
  • SequenceL Runtime Environment, desktop/laptop (1 socket system w/GPU)
  • Product updates and support services for the full 1 year term

Enterprise and Academic Licenses

Contact TMT if you would like a quotation for annual subscription or perpetual license options, additional configurations, and volume/academic licensing discounts.

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